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My pet is drinking a lot and peeing a lot; what could that be?

Dogs and cats can drink and urinate excessively for several reasons. The source of the problem may be in the urinary tract itself, or it could be in another area of the body but be affecting the urinary tract secondarily.

The first step to diagnosing the problem is usually with a urine test. Often a blood test is also required to assess the blood sugar, kidney function and liver enzymes.

One common cause of excessive drinking and urination in older pets is diabetes mellitus. Diabetes occurs when there is a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin; this results in excess sugar in the blood and the urine. These pets often have excellent appetites but will empty the water bowl in one sitting! They may even urinate in the house despite being housetrained; these pets should not be scolded. They usually can’t help it!

If you think your pet might be drinking or peeing more than normal, consult your veterinarian!