Elizabeth Street Pet Hospital believes in pet care excellence through investing in modern veterinary equipment, exemplary doctors and outstanding support staff.


We are conviently located in downtown Okotoks but serve many patients from Calgary, High River, Black Diamond, De Winton, Nanton, Airdrie, etc. Contact us to book an appointment or discuss your pets needs further.

Wellness Exams

Our focus is to help prevent disease and illness in your family's pets. Our goal is to help you minimize the need to treat and cure preventable diseases.

Preventative medicine increases your pet's chances of having a long and healthy life. We accomplish this through routine annual physical examinations of your pet, proper nutrition, in-house bloodwork, parasite control and through the use of a vaccination program based on an individualized risk assessment for your pet.



Our veterinarians perform many surgeries including: orthopedic, spay/neutering, lump removal & diagnostics, c-sections & reproductive surgery, dentistry and much more.


We invite clients to book appointments to discuss your surgical needs for your pets. The veterinarian will examine your pet to ensure the procedure will be safe,  answer any questions you may have regarding the surgery and give you an accurate estimate at this appointment that is specific to your pet's needs.

Surgical Options Available:

Pre-anaestetic Bloodwork

This is recommended to ensure there are no underlying concerns for pet to have anaestetic procedures. Often a pet that appears healthy may not be. If you have a pet with unknown history or and aging pet it is a good idea to know their levels.

Laser Surgical Procedures

This offers many benefits such as: shorter procedure time, less pain, less bleeding, less risk of infection and a quicker recovery for your pet.

Microchip Identification

This small rice grain size implant for your pet enables him to be traced to you if he is lost anywhere in North America. If your information changes (phone, address ect.) you are able to access his information on-line throughout his lifetime to make changes. It is a valuable tool to ensure his safe return to you, should ever he become lost or stolen.

Post-OP Physiotherapy

This is reccomended to ensure a faster recovery. Many therapeutic modality are availeble include class III laser therapy.


In-House Lab

We offer the following in-house lab services:

  • radiographs

  • bloodwork

  • progesterone

  • urinalysis

  • ultrasound

  • endoscope


We do routine dental work such as cleaning, extractions and root canals. A pre-dentistry examination is required before any dental surgery in order to determine what needs to be done and also to evaluate your pet's surgical health. You will be given an accurrate estimate that is specific to your pet at this appointment.

Nutritional Consultations & Food

We have a wide selection of veterinary pet foods and treats for both cats and dogs that can help your dog live a long and happy life. From adult maintenance diets to specially formulated diets, such as hypoallergenic and kidney formulations, we have the diet that will suit your pet. If we do not carry the specific brand of food that you need, we can often order it in for you.