Microchipping is a preventative action you can take to protect you and your furry loved one from being permanently separated. Nothing hurts more than being disconnected from your furry friend knowing you could have done more, in advance, to bring them home.The chip is a rice grain sized implant that enables your pet to be traced if they are lost anywhere in North America. It is not a tracking device and can only be activated when scanned at a veterinarian office or shelter. If your information changes (e.g. phone, address) you can update your information online through the microchip company. To schedule an appointment or learn more, contact us at 403.982.8387.

How is my pet microchipped?

Implanting the chip is a quick procedure but not always painless. We use a needle to place it beneath your pet’s skin so they may feel a slight pinch. The chip will be in between their shoulder blades.

How effective is microchipping?

Each microchip has an ID number. When it is scanned, your current information appears and you will be contacted. It’s important that you keep your contact information updated. We will help you register your microchipped pet after their operation.

Last updated: September 20, 2021.

Dear Clients,

Due to the current changes coming from Alberta Health, we have gone back to a limited capacity policy as of Monday, September 20th, 2021.

This means that we are allowing one client to come in for their pet’s appointment, provided that they are properly masked the entire time when inside of the clinic.

When you arrive for your appointment please call us at 403 982 8387 from the parking lot.

We are making these changes for the safety of you and our staff, and we appreciate your business and patience during this time.

To help limit exposure and to keep our clients and team members safe, we urge you to check out our new online store at https://www.myvetstore.ca/elizabethstreetpet for food purchases.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 403 982 8387 or email us at reception@elizabethstreetvet.com.

We are making these changes for the safety of you and our staff. We appreciate your business and patience during this time.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Street Pet Hospital