Deworming Services for Pets

Routine treatment to flush out intestinal worms that are a threat to your loyal companion’s health.

There are many adventures that await your pets as they roam the outdoors. It turns out that contracting worms is one of them. Spotting a worm may be an unpleasant sight but it’s something that needs to be managed as soon as possible. Deworming, removing worms from your pet’s system, protects you and your family from serious infections and infestations. Worms and their eggs can be found on furniture and in familiar green spaces once they’re contracted. Depending on the kind of worm brought into your home, it’s possible they can harm people with weaker immune systems. Deworming is also a preventative measure to reduce the chances of worms reappearing in your pet. When you contact our veterinarians, we can provide the appropriate deworming plan to avoid reinfestation. To learn more, call us at 403-982-8387.

How does my pet contract worms?

Your cat or dog is likely a curious creature and enjoys wandering outdoor spaces. One day they might lick, poke or step in another animal’s feces that contains worms. Worms can also spread through interaction with infected animals they meet outside. Once contracted, the eggs multiply and can live in their intestines or muscle tissue.

Will I be able to see the worms?

Sometimes you will see them in your pet’s stool, in their fur and in their regular sleeping quarters. When they are not visible, your pet’s reaction to them will be. They may experience:

  • Bloated bellies
  • Vomiting (where you may also see a worm)
  • Signs of weakness
  • Extreme hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration

Worms appear white and stringy, while their eggs look like tiny pale pieces of rice. When you spot them, it’s best to wear gloves to pick them up, place them in a bag and remove them from the location to discourage spread. If they’re spotted outside your home we suggest the same maneuver because, if this is a place you and other animals enjoy regularly, you can reduce infestation in your neighbourhood.

How can I prevent my pet from getting worms?

Actions you can take on a daily basis are picking up after your pet and monitoring the green spaces you and your family visit. Watch out for rodents and animal feces that carry worms. When your pet is infected, there are many treatments we can provide to remove worms from your pet’s system, including tablets that taste like treats and topical creams. To protect your pet from contracting worms again (or to prevent them in the first place) we can put them on a scheduled heartworm treatment that deters their chances of infestation. We can help you plan this when you make an appointment with us at 403-982-8387.

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