Euthanasia Services

The process of easing your pet’s pain by ensuring they receive the best care in their last moments.

End-of-life care for a loved one is a deeply emotional stage for you and your family. Euthanasia becomes an option when all other medical treatments have been used or your pet is in too much pain to enjoy their days. Our veterinarians know this decision is not an easy one to make and are ready to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. When you’re ready to know more, contact us at 403-982-8387.

How is euthanasia administered?

It’s important to know that you, your pet’s loved ones and those who you can lean on will be together during the entire process. Euthanasia is a quick procedure, lasting less than 10 minutes, and we aim to keep it as painless as possible. First, we sedate your pet by giving them an injection, which can be a slight pinch, if they’re showing signs of nervousness or fear. This will make them calm and sleepy. Next, we inject the euthanasia medication. At this point, their breathing will slow down and they may pee or make slight twitches. Sudden movements are completely normal and are no indication of pain, it’s just the body behaving naturally. We suggest soothing touches to let them know that you’re with them and they are loved.

How can I prepare my pet and my family for my pet’s euthanasia?

The grieving process begins as soon as you’ve decided to put them to sleep. The best way to prepare is to celebrate their life before they are gone.

  • Inform the people closest to your pet you have made this decision and allow them the opportunity to say their goodbyes.
  • Take your pet to their favourite place(s), if mobility and weather permits, so they can enjoy it one last time.
  • When it comes to younger children who have bonded with their furry BFF, be patient and prepared to answer questions.
  • This may be unfamiliar to you but there’s a huge animal loving online community who know what you are going through. Commemorate you and your pet’s beautiful life together with online photo albums or a thoughtful message. People may direct you to virtual or local support groups.
  • When it comes to the procedure, bring items from home that comfort your pet (blanket, toy, pillow, small bed, etc.)

Do not be shy to contact your friends and family for support after your pet has passed. You’ve lost your best friend and chosen family, they will understand.

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