A tiny, rice-grained size chip that can help bring your pet back home if they ever get lost.

Microchipping is a preventative action you can take to protect you and your furry loved one from being permanently separated. Nothing hurts more than being disconnected from your furry friend knowing you could have done more, in advance, to bring them home.The chip is a rice grain sized implant that enables your pet to be traced if they are lost anywhere in North America. It is not a tracking device and can only be activated when scanned at a veterinarian office or shelter. If your information changes (e.g. phone, address) you can update your information online through the microchip company. To schedule an appointment or learn more, contact us at 403-982-8387.

How is my pet microchipped?

Implanting the chip is a quick procedure but not always painless. We use a needle to place it beneath your pet’s skin so they may feel a slight pinch. The chip will be in between their shoulder blades.

How effective is microchipping?

Each microchip has an ID number. When it is scanned, your current information appears and you will be contacted. It’s important that you keep your contact information updated. We will help you register your microchipped pet after their operation.

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